Welcome to WAmboo Pty. Ltd.

WAmboo is an Australian Company located in the Perth Hills of WA.

We import building products and accessories to sell directly to you and can arrange Australia wide delivery.

Our team has over 30 years experience in the building industry.

We source only high-quality materials for you, that are manufactured using Total Quality Management TQM to meet Australian standards.

We aim to offer Best Possible Service BPS to our clients and supply at the Best Possible Prices BPP.

No job is too small and no customer more important so we are happy to provide advice to DIYers, and tradesmen for supply and installation of the most suitable product for your project.

And – you’re under no obligation with free quotes – we can design, organise council approval, and installation.

We offer Direct to You:

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Low maintenance artificial lawn. Weed free, fertilizer free, pesticide free, mowing and whipper-snipper free.

Child safe and pet-friendly.

Beat the rising water costs.

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Our strand woven bamboo flooring is made from environmentally sustainable bamboo and is tougher than Jarrah, so you can use it in domestic and commercial applications.

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Fire resistant composite decking using environmentally friendly recycled timber and plastics.


WAmgrass Price $39 per square metre on chalkboard

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WAmgrass by WAmboo is your answer to increasing water bills.

Are the summers getting hotter and dryer?

Is your grass dry, brown and unhealthy?

Or do you need to spend a fortune and time and effort to keep it looking good?

How’s your lawn – do you need to buy pesticide, fertilizer, mower fuel/oil etc. to keep it looking good?

Save your money, time and effort and lay WAmgrass synthetic turf – it’s the ideal alternative to high maintenance grass:

  • Virtually no maintenance
  • Mowing free
  • Whipper-snipper free
  • Weed-free
  • Fertilizer free
  • Pesticide free
  • Water free

High quality synthetic turf – is child safe – used by local councils in parks and play areas –  is pet-friendly and used in boarding kennels.

Sporting organisations worldwide have been playing on it for many years. e.g. tennis, bowls, soccer, aussie rules, cricket, grid iron, hockey to name a few.

WAmgrass is a tri-colour 35mm pile synthetic turf sold to you by the metre, in a massive 4 metre width so there will be fewer joins in your job.

WAmgrass is suitable for commercial or domestic use and is a low cost, environmentally friendly alternative to lawns, verges and footpaths.

It is also used as a luxuriant looking cover for high-rise apartment patios and rooftops, and rocky and barren banks where everything refuses to grow.

Easy to lay for DIYers and landscapers.



WAmboo bamboo flooring $58.28 price on chalk board

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If you’re an environmentally aware home owner, WAmboo bamboo flooring offers you one of the hardest wearing floor boards on the market compared to wood products.

WAmboo provides you with a finished floor of luxurious colour and pattern with a natural feeling of comfort and warmth.

Unlike timber from trees, bamboo is a species of grass and one of the fastest growing building products on the planet.

It is not only environmentally sustainable it actually replenishes itself after harvest (5-7 years) because remaining roots re-shoot to form new bamboo forests.

The species of bamboo used in our flooring (Mao), is not the preferred food source for the endangered Panda and other wildlife.

After harvest however, the remaining debris and leaves are used as a source of livestock feed so there is no wastage.

Our WAmboo boards are strand woven (the toughest method of forming boards) heat treated and compressed fibres with a Janka hardness rating of 16.10N compared to Jarrah 8.5N and Karri 9.0N making bamboo flooring one of the hardest floorboards on the market.

Beware of inferior quality 10-12mm thick boards and laminated boards found in hardware stores and carpet shops (WAmboo is 14mm thick).

The dimensions of WAmboo are 1850x125x14.

And, there’s a 15mm board available for commercial use.

The ingenious click system on the boards make installation an easy nail-free task for the home handyman, and our team will be happy to provide advice and tips or a quote to lay it for you.

Please contact us for any further assistance or information.


WAmdek price $89.99 per square metre on chalk board

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Environmentally friendly WAmdek composite decking is made from a proprietary mix of 100% recycled wood pulp.

This is waste from wood products and is mixed with high density polyethylene plastics (HDPE) e.g. milk, detergent and water bottles saved from waste disposal fills.

The manufacturers state that our co-extruded composite decking is the most durable, attractive – most fade and scratch resistant composite decking on the market.

WAmdek comes in a range of modern building colours and has a high wood-grain anti-slip finish.

Our decking is barefoot friendly and is the ideal alternative to timber because there is virtually no maintenance.

  • WAmdek won’t crack
  • Splinter-free
  • Warp-free
  • Insect proof
  • Termite proof

Moisture and salt water won’t affect the decking, and algae won’t grow on it making it a suitable decking for use around swimming pools, spas and pontoons etc.

WAmdek is highly fire resistant, and is an effective flame retardant/fire self-extinguishing product that doesn’t give off any hazardous gas emissions.

WAmdek is made to withstand temperature variations of between -45 to +60 degrees Celsius.

We supply it to you in 5.8-metre lengths resulting in fewer joins in the majority of decking projects and the fixings are out of sight so there are no exposed screws to scratch young toes.

There is no special equipment required to lay WAmdek and a handyman using conventional woodworking tools will be able to construct a beautiful deck, path or verandah in no time.

Contact us or send us your plans for a free quotation to supply only or construct your project for you.




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